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Power in a movement by Judith Stadtman Tucker


| the irony, and mother courage

I began this essay by insisting that it's time for the mothers' movement to make the transition from facilitating talk to organizing action -- and 4,000 words later, I've finally run out of things to say. There are no insurmountable obstacles to prevent the mothers' movement from making the leap to a full-fledged social movement -- but we have our work cut out for us, and we need all the help we can get.

Meanwhile, I'd like to propose that mothers and others who want to keep the conversation going start thinking and talking about this: What is one action you can take today, tomorrow, or next week that would force you to step out of your personal comfort zone? (Sorry, it has to be something related to change work, not signing up for pole dancing classes or taking sky diving lessons.) Extra points for trying something that involves face-to-face contact with other people, but whatever action you decide to take, aim for something that feels a little bit risky or challenging. Oh yeah, then you have to go out and do it (but you don't have to go it alone -- recruit a friend or two to join you). Did I happen to mention that this is an election year? If you've never volunteered for a voter registration drive or election campaign before, now might be a good time to give it a shot.

If you want to share your ideas or experiences about stepping up for change with other MMO readers, I'll publish it on the blog. Send your story to editor@mothersmovement.org. I look forward to hearing from you.

mmo : april/may 2008

Judith Stadtman Tucker is the founder and editor of the Mothers Movement Online.

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For mothers in the midst of their active child-bearing and child-rearing years, the challenge at hand is not only how to squeeze social activism into our overextended lives, but what kind of activism will have a real and lasting impact on improving conditions for women and families. But the question I hear most often from mothers who want to organize for change is: How do we get started?
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