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“Contemporary family problems do not originate with the behavior of mothers, as is often claimed by the media and some scholars; rather, they originate with our failure to support the caretaking work that mothers do, which remains virtually unrecognized in our social policies.”

– Demie Kurz, from Doing Parenting: Mothers, Care Work and Policy, 1997

The Mothers Movement Online Get Active section provides a listing of upcoming events and advocacy activities coordinated by organizations around the U.S. Taking action? Send MMO an announcement about your event or advocacy activities. Listings for the Get Active section can be addressed to action@mothersmovement.org

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National Women's Law Center:

Fair Pay Campaign

The U.S. Senate is currently considering legislation to ensure that women and other workers who experience compensation discrimination are able to obtain justice. The Fair Pay Restoration Act (S. 1843) will reverse the effects of the recent Supreme Court decision Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, which severely limits workers’ ability to bring legal action against discriminatory employers.

In Ledbetter, the Supreme Court ruled that employees cannot challenge ongoing compensation discrimination if the employer’s original discriminatory decision occurred more than 180 days before, even when the employee continues to receive unfair pay over time. Prior to this decision, the law as interpreted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a majority of appeals courts treated each discriminatory paycheck as a separate discriminatory act that started a new 180-day clock.

Because pay information is often confidential, it may take a long time for an employee to realize that she is experiencing pay discrimination. The Fair Pay Restoration Act would restore the long-standing application of pay equity law and promote voluntary compliance with anti-discrimination laws by employers.

The goal of the Fair Pay Campaign is to add momentum to our collective efforts to move the Fair Pay Restoration Act (S. 1843) into law. The campaign is being led by the American Association of University Women, the Feminist Majority Foundation, Legal Momentum, the National Organization for Women, the National Partnership for Women and Families, and the National Women’s Law Center and has been joined by 250 other national, state and local groups.

For more information on taking action to support the Fair Pay Restoration Act, visit the National Women's Law Center's Action Center Fair Pay web page.

For more information about equal pay and women getting even, visit the WAGE Project: www.wageproject.org

National Network of Abortion Funds:

30 Years is Enough!
Petition to repeal the Hyde Amendment

The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) -- a network of grassroots groups that help women and girls pay for abortions -- has joined with other groups to launch the Hyde -- 30 Years is Enough! Campaign.

Passed by Congress in 1976, the Hyde Amendment forbids federal funding for abortion. Most states have also banned state Medicaid funding for abortion. Before the Hyde Amendment, women could access abortion services regardless of their income, because Medicaid covered abortion care like it did every other medical service. However, for the last 30 years low-income women's ability to exercise their reproductive rights has been severely restricted. Congress also denies abortion coverage to military personnel and their families, women receiving care from Indian Health Services, and people on disability insurance.

The 30 Years is Enough! Campaign calls for full public funding of abortion as a part of comprehensive health care for all, and support for low-income women to care for their children with dignity. The campaign is part of a growing reproductive justice movement, which is working for a world in which all women have the power and resources necessary to make healthy decisions about their bodies and their families.

For more information about the Hyde Amendment and it's impact on the reproductive health and wellbeing of low-income women, or to sign NNAF's online petition to repeal the Amendment, please visit the campaign web site.

The 30 Years is Enough! Campaign

Center for WorkLife Law:

Take action against "maternal profiling"

Have you experienced workplace discrimination because of your parental status or family responsibilities (maternal profiling)?

The Center for WorkLife Law aims to end employment discrimination against workers who have family responsibilities. This type of discrimination has a name: Family Responsibilities Discrimination. Pregnant women, mothers and fathers of young children, and employees with aging parents or sick spouses/partners may find themselves discriminated against. They may be rejected for employment, demoted, harassed, passed over for promotion, or terminated -- despite good performance evaluations -- simply because their employers make personnel decisions based on stereotypical notions of how they will or should act.If you think you may have experienced FRD, you can talk to the attorneys at WorkLife Law about your situation. If the attorney thinks you might have a case or might need legal advice, you will be given the name of an attorney near you who can meet with you to discuss your situation further. There is no charge to talk with a WorkLife Law attorney, but attorneys to whom you are referred will charge you their standard rates.

For more information, call the WorkLife Law Hotline at 1-800-981-9495 or email info@worklifelaw.org.

Center for WorkLife Law

Current Law Prohibits Discrimination Based on
Family Responsibilities & Gender Stereotyping

Center for WorkLife Law, Issue Brief, Summer 2006
"Family responsibilities discrimination (FRD) is a form of sex discrimination in which workers are treated worse at work because of their caregiving responsibilities for children, elderly parents, or ill relatives. Most often, FRD occurs when mothers hit the 'maternal wall' at work." 7 pages, in .pdf

Also from CWLL:
FRD facts for employees


MomsRising: Motherhood Manifesto DVD

The Motherhood Manifesto DVD, a companion film to the Motherhood Manifesto book by Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, is now available for supporters who would like to plan house parties or viewings in their communities.

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Mary Steenburgen, The Motherhood Manifesto shows dramatically just how far behind all other industrial countries the United States lags in its support for families. Prominent experts including Karen Kornbluh, Joan Williams, Janet Gornick, Jody Heymann and NOW’s Kim Gandy make the case that America can do much better.The documentary was produced by longtime PBS veteran John de Graaf and NOVA producer/director Laura Pacheco and photographed by five-time Emmy winner Diana Wilmar. Executive Producer: Joan Blades.The DVD is being sold at cost and is available singly and in packs of five.For more information, please visit the MomsRising.org web site.


"The Motherhood Manifesto" Film

National Organization for Women:

NOW Mothers & Caregivers Economic Rights Agenda

NOW coined the slogan "Every Mother is a Working Mother" decades ago, and is continuing the fight for economic justice for mothers and others who do the caring work of our society. The national NOW web site offers overview information, a mothers and caregivers economic rights policy agenda, and regularly updated action issues.

National Organization for Women

NOW Mothers & Caregivers Economic Rights

A Feminist Future:
Policy and Program Goals for Mothers and Caregivers Economic Rights

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To list events and workshops, please email action@mothersmovement.org


MADRE Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund

MADRE, an international women's human rights organization that works in partnership with community-based women's organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education, and other human rights, has launched an emergency and disaster relief fund to ensure that emergency aid is distributed to vulnerable families in communities affected by natural disasters.According to MADRE's web site, women are often hardest hit when disaster strikes because they are over-represented among the poor and often have no safety net. Women are also primarily responsible for those made most vulnerable by disaster -- children, the elderly, and people who are ill or disabled. That's why it's crucial that women not only receive aid, but that women at the community level are integral to designing and carrying out relief efforts. The experiences of relief agencies show that when emergency aid is distributed by community women, it has the best chance of reaching those most in need. By partnering directly with local women's organizations, MADRE is able to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently and carry out relief efforts in ways that are responsive to the priorities and perspectives of local communities.

For more information about the fund and how to donate, please visit the MADRE web site.


MADRE's Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund:
Crisis response that advances women's human rights

Atticus Circle:
Supporting Marriage and Parenting Equality for Same-Sex Couples

The Atticus Circle was created because discrimination exists. Same gender couples and their children are being systematically denied the protections and responsibilities afforded to other families.The goal of Atticus Circle is to provide information about the rights of parents and partners denied on the basis of sexual orientation. The group seeks to create cultural and attitudinal change by helping people understand the unique challenges and discrimination same gender couples and their families face, and by encouraging acceptance of all families and partnerships. The organization also conducts research and works with businesses and policy institutions to develop ideas and policies that foster equal rights for same gender partners and their families.Atticus Circle was founded to give a collective voice to members of the heterosexual community who support marriage and parenting equality for same-sex couples.

Atticus Circle

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