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An introduction to working for change
by Judith Stadtman Tucker


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U.S. political climate ripe for grassroots groups
Carey Gillam, CommonDreams, 9. aug.07
The movement is fueled both by suspicion of mainstream media and burgeoning access to information via the Internet…Email, blogs, virtual meeting spaces and rapid-fire links for like-minded people make it easier and faster for individuals to come together in letter-writing campaigns, petition drives, fund-raisers, meetings and marches.

When College Ends, So Does Activism
Adam Doster, In These Times, 11.jul.07
Why selling out is a depressingly rational choice for many graduates.

Fighting Apart for Time Together
Courtney E. Martin, American Prospect Online, 13.mar.07
Why is all the activism for work/life balance split along gender lines?

Why Progressives Are Selling Out To Corporate America
Jeanine Plant, AlterNet. 1.aug.07
An interview with author Daniel Brook offers us answers on why so many progressives get roped into the corporate world. "This is a book about politics and economics. It uses young people because they are the perfect experiment because they weren't grandfathered into middle-class America. I say they're the coal mine canaries of Reaganomics. So if you want to see the cultural, political and personal applications of Reaganomics, and the shift to the right, you have to look at this generation."

The Netroots Hit Their Limits
Perry Bacon Jr., Time Magazine, 24.sept.06
"Make no mistake, these online activists are having a profound impact on the Democrats and on politics in general. But the phenomenon is in its infancy. Compared with established interest groups like organized labor and conservative Christians, the Netroots play a small role in national politics. Even their most ardent players now recognize that you can't create a true movement using nothing but modems and instant messaging."

Goodbye to All That
Kevin Mattson, The American Prospect, 28.mar.05
The spirit of '68 still lives on in some quarters of the left. Too bad -- there are much more effective ways to be an opposition party than by reliving the past.

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