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Reviving the feminist mystique


Thanks to Katy Read for the catchphrase "the problem that stays the same" from her review of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique in the Summer 2006 issue of Brain, Child Magazine.

1. "Homeward Bound" was published under the editorial guidance of American Prospect Deputy Editor Sarah Blustain.

2. In Dear Sisters: Dispatches from the Women's Liberation Movement, Rosalyn Baxandall and Linda Gordon, editors. Basic Books, 2000.

3. Survey results are from a two-year survey of 3, 300 women commissioned by the Center for the Advancement of Women and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates in 2001 and 2003. Progress and Perils: New Agenda for Women, Center for the Advancement of Women, 2003.

4. Pelota, P., Milkie, M., and Presser, S., "The 'Feminist' Mystique: Feminist Identity in Three Generations of Women," Gender & Society, Volume 18 No. 1, February 2004.

5. Susan Moller Okin, "Plato and the Greek Tradition of Misogyny," "Philosopher Queens and Private Wives," and "Female Nature and Social Structure," Women in Western Political Thought, Princeton University Press, 1979, pages 15 - 70.

6. Donald J. Hernandez, "Changes in the Demographics of American Families over the Course of American History," Unfinished Work: Building Equality and Democracy in an Era of Working Families, Jody Heymann and Christopher Beem, editors. The New Press, 2005.

Errata: A quote by Ellen Goodman was mistakenly attributed to Betty Friedan in the first published version of this essay. Goodman's June 1980 commentary for The Washington Post was quoted by Friedan in The Second Stage (page 32).

List of charts (in .pdf):

Graph 1:
Educational Attainment of U.S. Population 25 and Over: 1950 - 2000

Graph 2:
Employment Status of U.S. Civilian Population 16 Years and Over for
Selected Years and Characteristics: 1970 - 2004

Graph 3:
Selected Employment Characteristics of Married Couple Families in the U.S. &
Wive’s Contribution to Household Earnings: 1970 - 2003

Graph 4:
Median Usual Weekly Earnings of Full-Time U.S. Workers, by Sex: 1980-2002

Graph 5:
Mean Earnings of U.S. Workers 18 Years and Over by Sex and
Educational Attainment: 1975 - 2000

Graph 6 & 7:
Percentage of All U.S. Women and Never-Married Women Who Are Mothers
by Age 44: 1976-2000/
U.S. Children Living with Two and Lone Parents: 1970-2001

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