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The art of keeping up
Since the beginning of this year, I've struggled to satisfy a multitude of conflicting obligations without letting go of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the direction of my country by working to elect a transformative leader. To readers and contributing writers who've been waiting to see fresh content published on the MMO: my sincerest apologies.


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Tracking news and commentary on women, work, family, and public policy


Mothers on the tenure track
"Another interesting and troubling finding is that even full professors with tenure had horrifying stories to tell. One would hope that with such power and security, this would exempt you from mother discrimination, but it doesn't." A conversation with Caroline Grant, Elrena Evans, and Andrea O'Reilly about motherhood and the clockwork of academic careers.
Interview by Heather Hewett

Power in a movement
Enough talk, already. It's time for the mothers' movement to get organized -- or risk missing our window of opportunity.
By Judith Stadtman Tucker

Immigration is a mother's issue
The story of immigration, and the policy debates now circling around the topic are strikingly gendered, and ignore the reality of mothers and their children. So too do the writings and public conversations on motherhood often exclude the stories of immigrant mothers.
By Gretchen Hunt

One city. One blog. A whole lotta mamas.
The Activistas are ready for the revolution. Our goal? Nothing less than electing supportive legislators, improving laws and forcing better private-sector policies that affect families in Oregon and beyond.
By Lisa Frack

Solving the flexibility puzzle
Flexibility is essential for the success of all the purposeful things we do, yet few communities, or companies, or even households are organized to provide working mothers with all the flexibility they need.
By Arthur Emlen

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MILF: Is the "hot moms movement" a sign of progress?
At first glance, the MILF phenomenon seems pretty liberating. But is it possible that the hot mom craze is just another way to make women who are not "hot," or don't feel "hot," feel lousy about it?
By Kathleen Furin

Suddenly every act seemed, potentially, to be the last time such an act would be carried out; every conversation, perhaps the last conversation. America was under siege; we were no longer immune, nested here between the oceans. We had been called to task: the next phase of history had begun.
By Jampa Williams

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